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"Herd 2 Human saved my life. I went through the six week program six years ago with a  group of strong females who had experienced some sort of violent / emotional trauma in their lives. I did not know what to expect. I thought that maybe I would be petting and grooming horses for a couple hours every week - that was not the case. Herd 2 Human gave me back my confidence and pride that I had lost somewhere along the line by teaching me effective ways to communicate my true feelings to myself and to others in my life. This program is split into group sharing time and meditation, and then in the arena doing groundwork and communicating with the horses. The pure joy that comes with working with horses is that it connects us with our true selves and spirit. It is difficult for me to put down in words how much this program means to me. It means so much that now I am on my way to being a Herd 2 Human instructor, so I can pass this knowledge on to others who may need it. If you are stuck in a dark places like I was six years ago, I cannot recommend Herd 2 Human enough. You do not even need horse experience! Just bring yourself and let the horses teach you."

- Mariah, social worker

"My daughter's confidence has become more apparent throughout this summer. She has been more willing to do chores, and much more involved with her dog, Theo. She has also become more patient with me when I am trying to explain why we do things a certain way. I do believe that any child would benefit from working with Jen and her horses. The respect, the patience, and the relationship that is demonstrated and taught by Jen is calming, meaningful, and fun."

- Michal, mother and counselor

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